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Zika Virus Threatens U.S. from Abroad


Exclusive: An interactive map, based on data from 50 state health departments, details how the mosquito-borne disease made its way to America in travelers’ bloodstreams

By Dina Fine Maron on January 26, 2016

Zika is not new to the U.S. 

Even as early as 2007, when the mosquito-borne disease had its first large outbreak in the Pacific island nation of Micronesia, the virus directly touched the U.S.—sickening one American traveler.

Since then more than two dozen domestic cases have been reported, all from travelers who contracted Zika in more than a dozen countries around the globe. 

To create these exclusive maps, Scientific American launched its own investigation, gathering and analyzing information from all 50 states’ health departments, to depict a more nuanced picture of how this disease has been carried back to the U.S. via jet-setters. So far none of these cases have led to local disease transmission in the country but state health officials are bracing themselves for future suc…

National Mango Board launches ripeness program

By Andy Nelson

January 28, 2016 | 3:53 pm EST

The National Mango Board is launching a program to get ripe fruit in the hands of consumers.

The aim of the Orlando-based board’s Ripe and Ready to Eat Mango program is to supply shoppers with fruit that is ready to eat right away or within days of purchase, according to a news release.

The program follows extensive research by the board which shows that consumers prefer ripe fruit. In one recent study, about 81% of current mango purchasers said they would definitely or probably consider future purchases if mangoes were ripe.
In response, the board developed several tools to encourage the sale of ripe mangoes, including temperature management protocols and fruit sensory descriptions.

In addition, the board has hired a ripening expert to design, implement and evaluate “ripe and ready” programs for importers, retailers, wholesalers and fresh-cut processors.

“The Ripe and Ready to Eat Mango Program is a great tool for the industry to help overcome …


PAR DE JOYITAS : Castro y Chávez, hipócritas y mentirosos

Carlos Vilchez Navamuel

Posted: 26 Jan 2016 06:46 AM PST

Estos dos personajes comunistas, especialistas en empobrecer a sus pueblos han sido unos grandes hipócritas, mientras demandaban a sus pueblos austeridad, ellos nunca renunciaron al confort ni al lujo, sus intereses nunca fueron mejorar la condición de su pueblo, si no apropiarse del país como si fuera de ellos.

El sitio, Libertad Digital Latinoamérica, publicó recientemente un artículo titulado: La verdadera vida de Fidel Castro: yates, residencias lujosas y viajes con millonarios, entre otras cosas nos dice que Juan Reinaldo Sánchez, su guardaespaldas durante 17 años cuenta que el dictador cubano nunca renunció al confort del capitalismo ni ha vivido con austeridad.

 Sánchez escribió un libro sobre la vida privada del líder de la revolución cubana donde explica sobre los “Yates lujosos, una veintena de residencias repartidas por toda la isla o partidas de caza “a lo Luis XV”, tanto en las frondosas provincias del norte como en los…