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The high tech study using satellites to map Australia's mango, macadamia and avocado crops

ABC Rural By Kallee Buchanan

Updated yesterday at 4:02pm

PHOTO: An image of an avocado farm captured by the Worldview 2 satellite showing tree vigour and weather stations.(Supplied: Andrew Robson )

MAP: Bundaberg 4670

In a small lecture theatre at the CQUniversity campus in Bundaberg, Dr James Underwood is giving a presentation about his work capturing images of mango, macadamia and avocado trees.

00:00 AUDIO: Andrew Robson says the satellite mapping project will provide valuable data to farmers (ABC Rural)

The researcher from the Australian Centre for Field Robotics mounted a robot called Shrimp with a range of sensors that capture 2D and 3D images, photographs, thermal readings and hyperspectral scans and sent it up the orchard rows at Simpson Farms, near Bundaberg.

The images it produced are both familiar-looking and somewhat alien; from colour photos that look like they were taken at night, to wavy streams of colour that are loosely tree-shaped and bright orange 3D projections of trees m…

NMB : U.S. retailers ready up for mango ripening projects

February 04 , 2016

The National Mango Board (NMB) is seeing increased interest in its Ready to Eat Mango Program, but executive director Manuel Michel emphasizes there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach.

NMB executive director Manuel Michel

Michel said research had shown ripe mangoes received far more consumer acceptance, and a study conducted last year found placing them near seasonal stone fruit raised sales by 45%.

The study also found the relationship was symbiotic, with mangoes sparking higher sales of stone fruit as well.

In avocados unfortunately, the impact was not so strong.

For the ready-to-eat initiative to be successful, the NMB must be proactive and engaging with supermarkets and other sales outlets, and has developed protocols with best management practices, reference guides and videos on how to handle the fruit.

“We also have an expert that can go out and work with retailers, importers, wholesalers, fresh-cut facilities to develop their ripening programs,”Michel told www.fresh…