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EARLY PERU FINISH CREATES GAP : Costa Rica expects high mango prices

"We are lucky that we are in this timeframe with our production,”says Andres Medina from Manga Rica.

 “We are able to export our mangoes from February till the last week of April. We expect Peru to finish early, due to the early start this year. There will be less supply of mangoes, which works to our advantage since the prices will go up. We believe that prices will probably be between 9 to 10 Euro per box.”

Manga Rica mainly exports to Europe and the United States. 

“Manga Rica covers 80% of all mango export from Costa Rica. Moreover, we are the only company that is allowed to export to the United States. Four main varieties are grown, namely Tommy Atkins, Keitt, Irwin and Ataulfo,”continues Andres.

For more information:
Andres Medina
Manga Rica
Barrio La Cruz, Liberia, Guanacaste, Costa Rica
T: (+506) 2666-4744

Publication date: 2/12/2016
Author: Kelly den Herder