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Traceability from tree to table: Italy launches olive oil certification label

By Niamh Michail+, 


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A certification label added to bottles of Italian extra virgin olive oil will combat fraud and allow consumers to trace their oil from tree to table, the Italian olive oil sector has said. 

The label will include a QR barcode so consumers can instantly find out more about the oil's origins. 

Only oil from Italian olives processed in Italy that can be traced back to the producer will be allowed to bear the label, which was jointly developed by the Italian Agricultural Confederation (CIA), National Consortium of Olive Growers (CNO) and Italy’s State Mint.

The CIA described its "super seal" as“an instrument designed to deal a lethal blow to those who intend to defraud, adulterate and counterfeit, but also to those who cunningly circumvent the rules and regulations or exploit their weaknesses, deceiving the distracted consumer”. 

Olive oil fraud i…


Good prices make up for a fall in production

By Lea Coghlan

March 7, 2016, 9 p.m.

FAR north Queensland mango growers have all but brought a close to the 2016 national harvest, with returns making up for a fall in production.

Australian Mango Industry Association chief executive officer Robert Gray said prices were up on last season, particularly post Christmas.

“Certainly post Christmas pricing was up on last year whereas in previous years prices dipped in January this year they remained bouyant through the Mareeba season,”
Mr Gray said.

“Right across all production regions people have had on average better results and in most cases dollars have made up for a reduction in quantity.

“The total dollars (returns) out of Mareeba would be higher than last year which is good because that flows through to grower profitability and that’s ultimately what we are aiming for.”

Most of the national harvest is complete, apart from a handful of later varieties.

“This year we believe there has been…

AUSTRALIA ASKS : Are small trees the future for mango, macadamia and avocado industries?

ABC Wide Bay
by Kallee Buchanan and Trudie Leigo

Posted yesterday at 6:42pm

PHOTO: John Wilkie and John Boardman discuss Macadamia breeding in a Bundaberg orchard(Supplied: Australian Macadamia Society)

MAP: Bundaberg 4670

In Queensland, researchers are dwarfing mangos, macadamias and avocados in an attempt to increase productivity of these tree crops.

The Department of Agriculture and Fisheries is three years into a 20-year trial and has begun sharing its experience to date with growers.

John Wilkie, the Department's principal horticulturist, said inspiration for the Small Tree High Productivity Initiative came from the success seen in the apple industry and in other temperate tree crops over the past 40 years.

"They've used a process of intensifying their orchard systems,"
Mr Wilkie said.

"They've used a range of tools like dwarfing root stocks and very well understood pruning and training systems to improve productivity and quality.

"So we want to see if we can…

Container Weighing: 5 Must-Know Points

07 Mar 2016 


2016 has seen container weighing muscle its way to the forefront of maritime industry discourse, with the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) regulations now only a matter of weeks away from global implementation.

The opening week of March, 2016 saw the debate mired in turbulence, with the Global Consolidators Working Group first writing a letter to the IMO stating that implementing the container weighing rule would be “impossible”.

Following this, US Coast Guard Rear Admiral Paul Thomas made a statement to a key conference in which he said the rule was “not mandatory”.

The week then ended with IMO Senior Deputy Director for Marine Technology and Cargoes, Maritime Safety Division, Joseph Westwood-Booth stating to a conference in Barcelona that the weighing legislation would definitely be going through.

So with the container weighing rule set to come into effect on July 1, 2016, PTI has put together a list of five points we all need to know:

1) History: T…