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Health Ranger releases stunning infographic showing how heavy metals end up in the food supply due to industrial pollution

Friday, March 18, 2016
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
Tags: heavy metals, food supply, infographic

(NaturalNews) You've probably heard food companies and nutritional supplement manufacturers claim that high levels of lead found in their products is "naturally occurring."

But they're LYING.

The truth is that high levels of toxic heavy metals show up in foods, superfoods and supplements due to industrial pollution... including decades of spraying lead arsenate on croplands.

Today, I'm releasing a new infographic that reveals the cycle of heavy metals in food and the environment. 

Click here for the full infographic, or click here for my Youtube video explanation.

As this infographic and video both reveal, toxic heavy metals enter the food supply from contaminated soils, and soils are contaminated from a multitude of sources, including:

• Dental offices (mercury)

• Coal power (mercury)

• Pesticides (lead and arsenic)

• Mining operations (copper, nickel, lead, etc.)

• Human was…