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Russia eyes new Arctic shipping route for trade with China

on MARCH 1, 2016



MOSCOW–The Arctic’s fast disappearing ice due to global warming may soon make it possible for cargo ships sailing from Far-East to Europe to take the shortest route through the Northern Sea Route (NSR) during summer.

Yong Sheng was the first Chinese vessel to pass through the NSR in the east Arctic

China knew the significance of this and even sent a ship sailing on a historic journey along the route.

Now the Russian authorities want China to develop the maritime trade in the East Arctic even as Moscow’s earlier plans to create new Eurasian transit corridors remain stalled.

Russia’s deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin indicated plans to invite China to take part in joint development of NSR which is running along the Arctic coast within Russia’s Exclusive Economic Zone.

In recent decades, the Arctic summer ice cover has dropped by nearly half against a backdrop of global warming. The route is expected to be free of ice …

'Counterfeiting is an art': Peruvian gang of master fabricators churns out $100 bills

It takes ten to 12 people to create a fake bill, says one counterfeiter, but the profits are huge in Lima – where investigators know of four sophisticated operations

Peruvian counterfeiter ‘Geraldo Chavez’ demonstrates the finishing touches to a fake bill. Photograph: Jonathan Franklin for the Guardian

Jonathan Franklin

Thursday 31 March 2016 08.30 EDTLast modified on Thursday 31 March 201612.36 EDT

Joel Quispe sells his art for pennies on the dollar. Each masterpiece is roughly three feet long and two feet wide. Every print requires various types of ink and is meticulously designed and beautifully drawn. It is estimated that he has sold millions of dollars worth of his creations over the past five years – all while locked in a Peruvian prison while his family on the outside runs the show.

Quispe is a perfectionist who uses bonded paper, watermarks and gloriously intricate typography. He has…