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“Bizarre” Mexican mango season pushes on

April 25 , 2016

Small sizes look likely to continue for a Mexican mango deal that's been in short supply, but one importer is seeing some of the sweetest fruit witnessed in a long time.

Crespo Organic Mangoes sales and marketing representative Nissa Pierson tells there have been a lot of challenges in what has been a "bizarre season".

"There are a number of things happening at one time here – you’ve got the El Niño factor which came in and started the crop early because of the lack of rains and warm weather, which is why we had really early mangoes down in Chiapas in January which is not totally normal,"Pierson says.

"The lack of rain that El Niño brought makes fruit smaller so we have a lot of small fruit which the market doesn’t always enjoy.
"And then storms finally came in and knocked off blossoms so you have this shortage of volume, and this abundance of what’s left which is pretty much smaller fruit,"she says.

United Stat…

FUTURE OF PORTS : On This Waterfront, Robot Longshoremen Are the New Contenders

By: John Lippert | Apr 25 2016 at 12:01 AM | Ports & Terminals

On one end of a dock at America’s busiest port, tractor-trailers haul containers through dense, stop-and-go traffic. Sometimes they collide. Sometimes the drivers must wait, diesel engines idling, as piles are unstacked to find the specific container they need.

A few hundred yards away, advanced algorithms select the most efficient pathway for autonomous carriers to move containers across the wharf. The four-story-high orange machines cradle their cargo, passing quietly within inches of each other, at speeds as fast as 18 miles an hour, but never touching. Self-driving cranes on tracks stack the containers and then deliver them to waiting trucks and trains with minimal human intervention.

TraPac LLC’s Los Angeles marine-cargo facility demonstrates how autonomous technology could revolutionize freight transport as much as or more than personal travel. TraPac’s equipment doubles the speed of loading and unloading ships, sav…


Mango mania in South Africa

Bavaria Fruit Estate in South Africa’s Limpopo Province aims to provide mango enthusiasts the world over with high-quality mangoes for the longest possible periods of the year.
A 50/50 partnership between South Africa’s largest mango grower and one of the world’s leading cultivar development and commercialisation companies, is making inroads in the global mango marketplace. 

Currently two promising cultivars from Australia are being tested for suitability at Bavaria Fruit Estate.

Bavaria Fruit Estate is home to one of the Southern Hemisphere’s largest mango operations and part of its success can be found in the joint venture between ANB Investments and Pieter Scholtz (Blydevallei Sitrus) in Bavaria Fruit Estate. 

Abs van Rooyen, ANB Investments CEO says, “Our joint venture brings together Pieter’s resources and expertise, with the experience from our various subsidiaries suc…