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APR 27, 2016 @ 12:49 PM 

Dan Charnas: Using Lessons From Great Chefs To Help Us 'Work Clean'

Shawn Setaro


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Mise-en-place seemed to me like a spiritual discipline, and a lot of people call it their religion.

Mise-en-place is so remarkable to me. It’s so beautiful to me. And I wanted to sing about it.

Dan Charnas is best known for his work around hip-hop. His 2011 book The Big Payback: The History of the Business of Hip-Hop traced the story of the genre’s rise from park jams and discos to a business worth billions. He then adapted that real-life story into a TV movie (soon to be a series) called The Breaks.

For his latest book, Dan Charnas took a turn from the recording studio to the kitchen, where he discovered that there are lessons in how chefs work that can help us all. 

The book is Work Clean: The Life-Changing Power Of Mise-En-Place To Organize Your Life, Work And Mind

It follows g…

3p Weekend: 10 Must-Watch Sustainability Documentaries on Netflix

by Mary Mazzoni on Friday, Apr 29th, 2016

With a busy week behind you and the weekend within reach, there’s no shame in taking things a bit easy on Friday afternoon. 

With this in mind, every Friday TriplePundit will give you a fun, easy read on a topic you care about. So, take a break from those endless email threads and spend five minutes catching up on the latest trends in sustainability and business.

In the 2013 documentary “Chasing Ice,” National Geographic photographer James Balog deploys time-lapse cameras to capture the Arctic’s disappearing glaciers.

April showers are on the horizon across the country this weekend. So, how will you spend your rainy days inside?

No, we’re not going to make a “Netflix and chill” joke. In fact, everyone’s favorite streaming service is good for more than just background noise and decade-old dramedies. As it turns out, you might actually learn something.

Chasing Ice

IMDB rating: 7.8/10 stars

In a multiyear effort leading up to the release of “Chasing Ice”…

INDIA 2016 : Karnataka Mango Corporation seeks royal route to export fruits

Fri,29 Apr 2016

Summary: The expected yield for the present year is between 14 lakh metric tonnes and 15 lakh metric tonnes. 

The state produces varieties of mangoes like Alphonso, Banganpalli, Mallika, Raspuri and Thothapuri in an area of two lakh hectares. 

Though the mangoes grown in the state is of international standards, the mangoes produced in the state are exported via Maharashtra.

The Karnataka state mango development and marketing corporation, which is striving to create a brand and an identity for the Karnataka mangoes, has appealed to the union government to take necessary action to facilitate the export of mangoes, directly.

BENGALURU: The Karnataka State Mango Development and Marketing Corporation delegation led by its chairperson Kamalakshi Rajanna and the managing director Kadire Gowda called on the union agriculture secretary Shobhan Kumar Patnaik in New Delhi on Friday and sought a royal route for the exports of mangoes produced in the state.

Karnataka is the t…

INDIA 2016 : Mumbai mango vendor says Katrina Kaif is his competition

'Har ghoont ras bhara aam',Katrina Kaif shows viewers in new Tropicana Slice ad

The ad has been created by JWTET BrandEquity 

 30 April 2016, 7:19 AM IST

A screenshot from the filmTropicana Slice has aired a new campaign in time for the summer. Named 'Har ghoont ras bhara aam', the TVC features the brand's ambassador Katrina Kaif, portraying her love for the mango in classic Slice style. JWT has created this campaign. 

Speaking about the campaign, Vineet Sharma, associate director - marketing, Tropicana, PepsiCo India, said,"Tropicana Slice is all about the indulgence and pure mango pleasure and has always created a powerful appeal across India. The film celebrates the immersive experience of pure mango pleasure through the creative route of a Tropicana Slice bottle inspired by a diced mango. Katrina's new look in this film, is sure to surprise and engage our consumers and will only enhance the style quotient of having Tropicana Slice this summer". 

The fi…

STRATFOR ANALYSIS : Looking for a Way Out of Venezuela's Crisis

It's a tough time to live in Venezuela.

The country's long decline -- on economic, social and political levels --reached a new inflection point this week, when the government cut public sector employees' work week to a mere two days in efforts to cut down electricity use. Although rolling blackouts have been a part of life in Venezuela for some time, the situation has grown particularly challenging as a drought has begun to impact hydropower output from the Guri Dam.

And to top it all off, the country is literally running out of beer.

Empresas Polar, Venezuela's largest private company, has now shuttered its breweries, saying it is unable to pay for imported grains under the government's strict exchange controls, which govern access to dollars. So beer is now being added to a long list of items -- including a variety of foodstuffs -- that are in short supply for Venezuela.

All of these headlines have potential implications for embattled President Nicolas Maduro and his…