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How A Mexican Startup is Turning Mango Scraps Into Nutritional Gold

MAY 15, 2016 @ 08:00 AM

Robin D. Schatz


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EatLimmo, founded by Enrique Gonzales (left) and Flavio Siller, was voted Grand Champion of the XCS Challenge at the Exponential Finance conference in New York City in June 2015.

Enrique González holds up a plastic pouch filled with a whitish powder. He assures me it is not cocaine.

González, 27, and his partner, Flavio Siller, 26, are the co-founders of EatLimmo, a food-tech startup in Monterrey, Mexico that’s finding nutritional gold where others just see garbage.

EatLimmo is using food science to turn mango seeds, peels and leftover pulp into a fiber-packed powder that can serve as an emulsifier to replace up to 50% of the eggs and fat in baked goods, substitute for sugar, pectin and anti-foaming agents in jams and jellies and even serve as a texurizer and natural preservative in sausages and other processed meats.


European supermarkets must change to compete

Chris White

Managing Director at Fruitnet Media International GmbH

May 15, 2016

Rewe boss Alain Caparros has some very interesting things to say about the future of food retailing in Germany in today's newspaper.

Interviewed by Die Welt am Sonntag, the 59-year-old chief executive of the country's largest food retailer prophesies the end of discounting as we know it, and says [my translation]:

"The supermarket of the future will be less a shop and more a meeting point. We need to make it place for new experiences and for new opportunities to consume, so that the people who come into our shops are no longer just our customers but also our guests"

Caparros reckons the traditional discounter is on the way out in Germany: Aldi and Lidl are upgrading their stores to the point where the dividing line between them and a supermarket chain like Rewe is going to disappear.

A peek in a new-look Aldi outlet shows you what he means.

Other leading food retailers in Europe would do well to …