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AUSTRALIA : Record hot temperatures around Darwin stopping most mango trees from flowering

ABC Rural By Matt Brann

Updated about 5 hours ago

PHOTO: Warm May nights mean mango trees aren't flowering in the Top End. (Supplied)

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MAP: Darwin 0800

The Top End of the Northern Territory is having one of its hottest May's on record, which is causing issues for a number of mango plantations.

00:00 AUDIO: How are mango trees handling the record hot temperatures? (ABC Rural)

President of the NT Mango Industry Association, Leo Skliros, said the weather had been very unusual and only 20 to 25 percent of mango trees in the Darwin rural area had flowered.

"The industry likes to see five days under 20 degrees to start getting some flowering happening,"he said.

"If you don't get that cooler weather, it normally ends up pushing a new flush and then you have to wait six to eight weeks.&qu…

The Vision Cos. expect mango movement to be back on track quickly

by Christina DiMartino | May 30, 2016

“The weather system in Mexico took a toll on the mango crops this year,”said Ronnie Cohen, vice president of sales for Vision Import Group.

“Growing areas have faced challenges such as hail and heavy rainstorms. Mother Nature has not been kind this year.”

The weather affected the early mango programs. Crops were delayed because trees flowered later than usual. But when all is tallied up, Cohen said the overall mango program is on course now.

The Vision Cos. is comprised of both Vision Import Group LLC, headquartered in Hackensack, NJ, and Vision Produce Co., headquartered in Los Angeles.

Vision Import Group markets to the eastern United States, while Vision Produce Co. markets in the western part of the nation.

Cohen is joined in partnership of The Vision Cos. by Raul Millan, executive vice president of Vision Import Group, and Bill Vogel, president and chief executive officer of Vision Produce Co.

The firm is a leading grower, importer and marketer of t…