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HOPE FOR THE PLANET :In a first, Iceland power plant turns carbon emissions to stone

by Staff Writers
New York NY (SPX) Jun 10, 2016

An experimental drill core held by coauthor Sandra Snaebjornsdottir is loaded with solidified carbonate, apparently produced by the new process. Image courtesy Kevin Krajick and Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory. For a larger version of this image please go here.

Scientists and engineers working at a major power plant in Iceland have shown for the first time that carbon dioxide emissions can be pumped into the earth and changed chemically to a solid within months - radically faster than anyone had predicted. The finding may help address a fear that so far has plagued the idea of capturing and storing CO2 underground: that emissions could seep back into the air or even explode out. A study describing the method appears this week in the leading journal Science.

The Hellisheidi power plant is the world's largest geothermal facility; it and a companion plant provide the energy for Iceland's capital, Reykjavik, plus power for industry, by …