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AUSTRALIA 2016 : Plans ripening to export mangoes to Indonesia

ABC Rural

By Matt Brann

Updated about 6 hours ago

PHOTO: Australian mangoes could be exported to Indonesia this year. (ABC: Ben Collins)

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MAP: Darwin 0800

Indonesia is emerging as an extra customer for Australian mangoes this year.

The reopening of the Indonesian market was completed last year and there are now several companies making plans to export mangoes this coming season.

AUDIO: Robert Gray talks about the emerging mango trade with Indonesia (ABC Rural)

Australian Mango Industry Association (AMIA) chief executive Robert Gray said an extra market for Aussie mangoes was good news for growers.

"It's a quite an exciting opportunity for the Australian mango industry,"he said.

"A year ago Australia was granted access to the Indonesian market through a new protocol, and we're now starting …