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“Demand for mangoes in EU increasingly stronger in summer”

Carlos Andre de Faria, Sun City:

“From the start of the African season in May, mango prices have been at a stable level between 5.50 and 6.50 Euro for standard mangoes, with prices for ready-to-eat mangoes slightly higher. Demand is stable and I do not expect an increase or large volumes which could put pressure on the prices,”says Carlos Andre de Faria of Sun City in Bleiswijk, the Netherlands.

“Mainly Senegal is on the market in June and July, followed by Israel in July and August, and Spain and Brazil start from September,” Andre de Faria continued. “Traditionally, Senegal does Kent mangoes. Israel has a number of local strains – Tommy Atkins, Kent, Shelly, Keitt and Maya – of which Tommy Atkins and Keitt represent the largest volumes. Spain mostly offers Osteen mangoes, and Brazil offers Tommy Atkins, Palmer, Keitt and in later phases Kent, but by then it is already Christmas.”

Carlos Andre de Faria left Brazil for the Netherlands nine years ago, in order to start a sales office for …


British consumers may be unaware of the amount of food they throw away each year but Tesco can no longer bask in such blissful ignorance. According to the national supermarket chain’s latest annual report, it could be wasting more food than ever.

Figures released in Tesco’s April report showed that despite introducing measures to combat food waste, the supermarket threw away 59,400 tonnes of food in 2015/16—a figure up 4 percent on last year.

On the basis that an average meal weighs 0.5 kilograms, that’s equivalent to 119 million meals.

Despite the damning figures, Tesco CEO Dave Lewis was a keynote speaker at this year’s Global Summit of the Consumer Goods Forum in Cape Town and spoke earlier this week on tackling food waste in the food sector.

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