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Trader Joe’s Is Trying to Make Mango the Pumpkin Spice of Summer

And it just. Might. Work.

June 27, 2016

Thomas Harlander

If you’ve been within six miles of a Trader Joe’s in the past month, you’ve probably felt, deep in your soul, that something was amiss—that the balance of yin and yang is off, that there’s a disturbance in the Force. 

You walk through the doors into air conditioned bliss, past the $3.99 bouquets, past the organic bananas, past the edamame hummus, and that’s when you realize that you’re completely surrounded by mango products.


“The secret to your Summer 2016 happiness lies not in fame, fortune, or political power, but in mango,” writes some anonymous copywriter in Trader Joe’s long-winded catalogue of witty self-promotion, the Fearless Flyer. “We think you’ll agree that our Mango-Madness is more than just madcap; it’s mouthwateringly delicious.”

I’ll get to the mouthwateringly delicious part later, but first let’s establish that, yes, it is indeed madcap. Think of this move as the mango version of rule 34—if …

Ship Photos of the Day – Inaugural Transit of the Panama Canal Expansion

June 27, 2016 by Mike Schuler

MV COSCO Shipping Panama in the middle chamber of the new Agua Clara locks on the Atlantic Side of the Panama Canal, June 26, 2016. Photo: Panama Canal Authority

Panama inaugurated the long-awaited Panama Canal expansion Sunday with the ceremonial transit of the China Shipping Panama through the new neopanamax Agua Clara locks on the Atlantic side.

The $5.25 billion Expansion Program is the largest improvement project in the Canal’s 102-year history, and included the construction of a new, larger set of locks on both the Pacific and the Atlantic sides of the Canal and dredging of more than 150 million cubic meters of material to creating a second lane of traffic and doubling the capacity of the waterway.

Despite challenges facing the global shipping industry, the larger canal is anticipated to open up new routes, services, and market segments, such as liquefied natural gas (LNG).

The Panama Canal expansion officially opened to commercial transits on Monday wit…