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Ecuadorian mangoes enter the Chinese market

Source:Global Times Published: 2016/11/17 18:43:40

Photo: Courtesy of Pro Ecuador

For the first time in China, mango lovers will be able to purchase Ecuadorian mangoes online. 

The tropical fruit's entry into the Chinese market was signaled by the November 15 launch of a big Ecuadorian mango promotion campaign between Ecuador and Chinese online shopping platforms and Tmall in Shanghai.

The mango is considered an exotic fruit, and mangoes from Ecuador are thought to be among the best in the world. 

The 'Tommy Atkins' mango promotion is in the form of a relay. 

Tmall officially kicked off the campaign on November 15 and will promote the fruit until Monday, November 21. 

Fresh fruit e-commerce platform will commence its leg of the promotion on November 17 and highlight the fruit until November 30.

Ecuador is ranked among the top 15 mango producers in the world, and 84 percent of the mangoes produced in Ecuador is exported.

 Mango farming began in Ecuador in the 198…

México: Lack of pollinators marks decrease in Ataulfo mango production


The production of the Ataulfo mango variety, which originates from the area of Soconusco, in Chiapas, has fallen up to 25 percent in recent years. 

The apparent cause is a decrease in the presence and diversity of pollinating insects such as bees, flies and ants. 

Besides the use of some pesticides, a lack of pollinators could also be caused by the use of some substances that stimulate flowering trees when there is a delay in the natural cycle.

The researcher Leslie Solis Montero, from El Colegio de la Frontera Sur (ECOSUR), has conducted studies on the populations of these insects in plantations and presented some of their findings in the institution's Semana de Intercambio Académico (SIA), where he reminded researchers from other disciplines that the scientific community is very concerned about the decline of pollinator populations. He then presented data from the Tapachula region, where the Ataulfo mango variety originates, known for its manageable size, and a third of a ki…