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The mood in Latin America is variable. On the one hand, there are larger volumes available and there has been an overlap between seasons, which has put downward pressure on prices; on the other hand, Peruvian exporters report that the demand has also increased, which has prevented an excessive pressure on prices. 

African countries are moving forward and have set their eyes on Europe as a destination market. 

In Europe, the market is rather quiet, according to a Belgian trader. For its part, the Netherlands has a large supply from Brazil and Peru. 

In the US, traders are not too satisfied with the Ecuadorian season.

Africa sees opportunities in Europe

The season is not over yet, but this year 50,000 tonnes of mangoes are expected to be shipped to Europe from the West African countries of Ivory Coast, Senegal, Mali, Burkina Faso and Guinea. In just a few years, Ivory Coast has doubled its exports to Europe, reaching 30,000 tonnes. For African growers, this is quite an achievement, given the…